Keith Povey Editorial Services Ltd provides a friendly, professional, confidential and flexible editorial service entirely focused on your specific needs. Keith Povey can be contacted throughout the editorial process should you require regular communication to solve your queries and ensure a finished product of the highest quality. Keith can also call upon the services of other very experienced editors who have particular expertises in specialist subjects.

Development editing

Clear and concise editing, providing specific detailed solutions when problems arise, with creative options offered, and rewriting done according to the instructions in the client’s brief, all from a perspective of a good standard of background knowledge in the field of your subject-matter and with a respect for individual styles and themes.


Improving the grammar, formatting, style and accuracy of your originally submitted piece of work for conventionally published materials (books/journal articles, etc.) and/or for online materials.


Accurate and consistent corrections of the content and design of your work once it has been typeset in one form or another.


Often essential for academic works and done in a disciplined and consistent manner with a great deal of attention to detail. (Authors do not usually like preparing indexes as the work is fiddly and time-consuming – and perhaps a little too boring for them!)

Linguistic editing

Rewriting and preparing your work for its intended audience.


Keith Povey Editorial Services Ltd mainly works on academic books and reports destined for school, undergraduate and postgraduate readerships for many publishers (for example, Springer Palgrave, Taylor & Francis and the university presses, including Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester). Editorial services have been provided for (amongst others) Oxford University Press journals and also for the Institute of Physics.

Fees are dependent on the length and nature of the work, and the services required, so please do contact Keith Povey for a quotation.