Working with Keith Povey Editorial Services Ltd

I’ve worked with Keith Povey for more than twenty years. I’ve always been impressed by his calm efficiency and good humour as well as his commitment to the highest professional standards. In my experience he is an excellent man to work with.

Professor Stephen White, lead author and editor of many of the Developments in …Politics titles published by Palgrave Macmillan

I’ve worked with Keith Povey Editorial Services on various books that I have authored or edited   for nearly forty years. Each book copy-edited is considerable better for their input. They are fast, efficient and very professional. Making the finishing touches to a book is always a bit of a chore but Keith Povey and his colleagues certainly lighten the load.

Professor Gerry Stoker, prolific author and editor of politics titles for many UK and US publishers, including Theory and Methods in Political Science and Debating Institutionalism.

When coping with the peaks and troughs of work flowing into a busy academic publishing services department it’s always useful to have suppliers willing to accommodate the occasional bulge. Povey Editorial is one such supplier, providing a flexible approach with professionalism and good humour.

Isobel Munday, former Managing Editor, Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Services Department

The work with Keith has always been a pleasure; he is quick, reliable and thorough. Most importantly, though, he turns a text which is basically German English into, well, English! I highly recommend collaborating with Keith and look forward to working with him in the future.

Professor Ekkehard Thuemler, University of Heidelberg, Germany, and author and editor of many education-based projects, including Philanthropy and Education: Strategies for Impact (Palgrave Macmillan).

When a book of mine is being looked after by Keith Povey Editorial Services I know I am in safe hands – highly professional and always prompt and reliable, a pleasure to work with!

Andrew Heywood, successful author of many politics-based works for school and undergraduates including Essentials of UK Politics, Key Concepts in Politics and Global Politics.

I’ve written two books for Palgrave Macmillan in London. The subject matter for both books is emerging markets. Moreover, both books contained numerous graphs, charts and figures. The copyeditor for the first book (Submerging Markets) was adequate and afterwards I was under the impression that was the norm for academic books. The copyeditor for the second one (The Future of BRICS) was Keith Povey of Keith Povey Editorial Services Ltd in the UK. After working with Keith, I can say unequivocally that the difference between the two is like the difference between night and day. Keith was much more thorough and paid attention to every detail in the narrative as well as the data points presented in the book, and this supports the argument that not all copyeditors are the same.

Rich Marino, author of The Future of BRICS and Submerging Markets


Working for Povey Editorial

During these past several years I have found Mr Povey to be absolutely reliable and trustworthy. An affable, courteous, and genial character, he definitely expects the work to be done on time and to the requisite standard, whilst, at the same time, allowing a certain degree of flexibility. I have never heard him lose his temper. It has been a pleasure to work for him.

A.V.M.  Horton, freelance indexer over many years

I have worked as a copy-editor with Keith Povey Editorial Services for nearly a decade now. There have been only a very few occasions when work to do was not forthcoming. That said, it is possible to do as much or as little work as suits the freelancer. As a project manager Keith is always quick to respond to copy-editor queries, and always in a relaxed and courteous way. Payment is made four weeks after the completion of a job, as is the publishing standard, and I have not experienced problems in this regard. I would heartily recommend him as a source of work for freelance copy-editors.

Nicholas James Fox, proofreading and editing services